Hover Runner (Previously Tester App)

Hover runner is a lightweight app that allows you to test actions on a real Android device and SIM card. You can visit your Hover dashboard to download a precompiled APK or build it yourself from source. Once installed on a device you must login with the same credentials as the Hover dashboard.

Hover Runner is in beta release. Please contact us via the chat button below or at support@usehover.com if you have questions about the app.

Usage instructions

To use Hover Runner you need a Hover account, an Android device with a SIM card on a mobile network of your choice, and at least one action configured to run on that network.

  1. Download the apk from your dashboard into your Android device.
  2. Open the app, and use your web dashboard’s login credential to login into the app.
  3. You will be shown a dialog to accept permissions. Accept all permissions
  4. Your actions will automatically load. You can swipe down to refresh.
  5. You can test all actions or test a single action by selecting it or use a custom filter in the top right to run a subset of actions
  6. Once you’ve selected actions to test you can test now or schedule them for later or repeat testing. Note that repeat testing is recommended only for test devices. The lockscreen must be disabled and the device should be plugged in as the test will wake the device and take over the screen.
  7. Test results can be viewed from the Transactions tab or when viewing an individual action that has had tests run.